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Board of Marine Pilots

Attention: The division is recruiting for multiple positions across the state to fill vacancies in important roles. Most positions are telework-capable and could work outside our home office locations. Click here to review job descriptions and apply. Check back often as new recruitments are added.

Hard Copy License Certificates Discontinued

The division no longer mails hardcopy license certificates due to limited resources and staffing vacancies. Official copies of license certificates are now provided in licensees’ individual MY LICENSE self-service portal accounts. The certificates will be located under the “initial application” and “renewal” events in the MY LICENSE account.

If you need guidance on how to set up for or access your MY LICENSE account, you can access the MY LICENSE here.

For licenses expiring 12/31/2022:

Per 12 AAC 02.940(d), if you submit the renewal application and required fee before your license expiration date, your license will be extended to 3/31/2023 while staff review and process your renewal application. Once your renewal application is processed and complete, the extension date will be amended again accordingly. You may see the extension to 3/31/2023 appear anytime between now and December 31st. Please check your MY LICENSE self-service portal for additional updates and information that may be needed to complete your renewal.

It is Time to Renew Your License!

Click Here to Renew Online

Valid License Numbers Contain Either:

6 numbers
4 letters + at least 1 number

If you have an alpha-numeric license number, you must enter all of the characters in order to renew online. EXAMPLE: ABCD1234

MY LICENSE Online Renewal

Please use our convenient MY LICENSE online renewal application. In most cases your license will be renewed immediately. Due to a heavy volume of renewal activities, processing time for renewal applications received by mail may take up to 4-6 weeks.

In order to receive communication via email, your email address of record must be current at all times. You may verify your current email address via the MY LICENSE self-service portal. If you are expecting communication from our office, please be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder.

If you have not registered, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the MY LICENSE customer home page at: ProfessionalLicense.Alaska.Gov/MYLICENSE
  2. If you have an existing myAlaska account, enter your account information. If not, please create an account. You will be redirected to the MY LICENSE customer home page.
  3. Under Access an Existing License, enter your license number and Web Authorization Code, if one has been provided. This information is on your renewal notice.
  4. To renew your license, simply select the license you wish to renew from the Professional Licensing section.

Public Notice:

Notice of Adopted Changes to the Regulations of the Board of Marine Pilots

On October 5, 2022, the Board of Marine Pilots adopted regulation changes in Title 12, Chapter 56 of the Alaska Administrative Code. The regulations concern amendments to biennial license renewal requirements. The COVID-19 pandemic made pilotage opportunities less available to meet normal regulatory renewal requirements; these regulations set out alternate renewal requirements that do not apply after the current biennial licensing period ends on December 31, 2022. The regulation changes were reviewed and approved by the Department of Law, signed and filed by the Lieutenant Governor (or designee) on October 21, 2022, and will go into effect on November 20, 2022. Please click here to see the filed version of the regulations.

The new regulation changes will be printed in Register 244, January 2023 of the Alaska Administrative Code.

Timing for Physical Exam Requirements for Renewal

Per AS 08.62.120(a)(3), you must provide evidence of satisfactory completion of a physical examination by a licensed physician within 60 days before the date of renewal of the license. However, per the division’s centralized regulation 12 AAC 02.940, the effective date of your renewal will be the date a completed renewal application is filed with our division; the file date is the date either submitted online through MY LICENSE or the postmark date on a mailed in application. This means that as long as your renewal application is submitted (or mailed in) within 60 days of your physical examination and you ensure your renewal application is complete at the time of submittal, you will meet the physical exam requirements.

If you have any questions on the pending regulation changes, please view the Proposed Regulations FAQs.

If you have any additional questions, please utilize the CBPL Contact Form.

The Board of Marine Pilots is staffed by the Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing. A representative for the Commissioner of the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development also serves on the Board. Board members, except the Commissioner's representative, are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature.

The Board adopts regulations to carry out its mission to provide efficient and competent pilotage service for the protection of shipping, the safety of human life and property, and the protection of the marine environment. It makes final licensing decisions and takes disciplinary action against people who violate the licensing laws. The Board meets three times a year and offers a public comment period at each meeting. Meeting agendas are available from the Marine Pilot Coordinator.

Licensees must also obtain an Alaska Business License

Regulated Professions

  • Deputy Marine Pilot
  • Marine Pilot
  • Vessel Agent

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Sealife Awareness

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Contact Information

Thomas Bay, Marine Pilot Coordinator
Phone: (907) 465-2543
Email: BoardOfMarinePilots@Alaska.Gov
PO Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806