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Board of Marine Pilots

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Timing for Physical Exam Requirements for Renewal

Per AS 08.62.120(a)(3), you must provide evidence of satisfactory completion of a physical examination by a licensed physician within 60 days before the date of renewal of the license. However, per the division’s centralized regulation 12 AAC 02.940, the effective date of your renewal will be the date a completed renewal application is filed with our division; the file date is the date either submitted online through MY LICENSE or the postmark date on a mailed in application. This means that as long as your renewal application is submitted (or mailed in) within 60 days of your physical examination and you ensure your renewal application is complete at the time of submittal, you will meet the physical exam requirements.

If you have any questions on the pending regulation changes, please view the Proposed Regulations FAQs.

If you have any additional questions, please utilize the CBPL Contact Form.

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