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Board of Massage Therapists

Massage Therapy Licensure FAQs

1. Who must become licensed to practice massage and when? 2. What about Native healers, Rolfers, and others who are exempt from licensing but may be performing massage-related techniques? 3. Why is the state regulating massage therapists? 4. I’m a licensed massage therapist in Alaska, do I have to have liability insurance? 5. How do I get a license? 6. How do I get my transcripts if my school has closed? 7. Can I still apply by Transition? 8. What is the application process? How long will it take to get my license? 9. What are the board-approved schools or credentialing organizations? 10. What are the board-approved exams? 11. I have completed a massage program but it was less than the required hours, can I still apply? 12. What do my application fees pay for? 13. My license application is in process; may I start work? 14. If a massage therapist is denied a license and appeals the decision, can they practice in the meantime? 15. What do I need to do to renew my license? 16. If my license has lapsed, can I still renew it? 17. Why do I have to submit a new fingerprint card in order to get background reports for my application? 18. What are the continuing education (CE) requirements? 19. I took a continuing education course that wasn’t informative/professional/unsatisfactory. How do I report that to the board? 20. Can the board give me permission to teach a continuing education class? 21. What if I don’t meet my audit or reinstatement requirements? Do I lose my license? 22. What is the definition of moral turpitude? 23. How does the board determine fines and/or disciplinary action? 24. How do I know if my criminal history will keep me from getting a license? 25. What do I do if I know that someone is practicing without a license? 26. What do I do if I see someone using advertising of a sexual nature to promote their massage business? 27. Must I also hold a business license in order to practice massage in Alaska? 28. I am a Rolfer who WANTS a massage therapy license. Can I apply? 29. Why can I NOT contact the Board directly? 30. How do I attend a board meeting or teleconference? 31. Are there any conflict of interest rules for state board members? 32. Where can I find the Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and Establishment Standards of Operation? 33. What does SOP #2 mean when it says to “maintain a record of daily clientele including name and date of service and adequate progress notes when applicable”? 34. Can Licensed Massage Therapists use or sell CBD Oil? 35. Do I Need to Register my Massage Establishment?

Do you have a question that has not been answered?

Email: BoardOfMassageTherapists@Alaska.Gov

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