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Board of Social Work Examiners

Customer Contact Form

Do you have questions about your professional license? Please fill out our Customer Contact Form for the fastest response.

Board Vacancy Announcement

The Board of Social Work Examiners currently has two vacancies. They are looking for an LMSW and a Public Member to join the board.

If you would like to apply for appointment for one of these positions, please visit the application site.

Prior to applying, you may wish to read more about the roles and responsibilities of Alaska’s volunteer licensing board members, division processes, and authority on our board resources page.

Questions regarding this vacancy? Please contact Boards@Alaska.Gov.

It is Time to Renew Your License!

Click Here to Renew Online

Valid License Numbers Contain Either:

6 numbers
4 letters + at least 1 number

If you have an alpha-numeric license number, you must enter all of the characters in order to renew online. EXAMPLE: ABCD1234

MY LICENSE Online Renewal

Please use our convenient MY LICENSE online renewal application. In most cases your license will be renewed immediately. Due to a heavy volume of renewal activities, processing time for renewal applications received by mail may take up to 4-6 weeks.

If you have not registered, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the MY LICENSE customer home page at: ProfessionalLicense.Alaska.Gov/MYLICENSE
  2. If you have an existing myAlaska account, enter your account information. If not, please create an account. You will be redirected to the MY LICENSE customer home page.
  3. Under Access an Existing License, enter your license number and Web Authorization Code, if one has been provided. This information is on your renewal notice.
  4. To renew your license, simply select the license you wish to renew from the Professional Licensing section.

Continuing Education Reminders for Renewals

  • The extended 2020 renewal period ended on 10/30/2020. Continuing Education (CE) hours may be counted from 7/1/2020-6/30/2022 as long as they were not used toward the previous renewal period. Any CEs used toward the previous renewal period cannot be used towards this renewal.
  • Any CEs used to gain initial licensure cannot be used toward your renewal.
  • Board members have further clarified what does not count as “Substance Abuse” per 12 AAC 18.990(7). The board’s Position Statement on this topic can be found here.
  • Licensees cannot use the same CE course twice to count toward different subjects. If a course specifies two separate subjects, the total hours can be split into two subjects, as long as the total does not change. If it does not specify two separate subjects, these hours can only be counted once.
  • Licensees are not required to send in Continuing Education documentation unless they are audited or are reinstating their license with a late renewal. If you are required to send in your CE documentation due to either of the situations above, please review form 08-4290a (this is currently being updated) for additional information and complete the form in full.
  • Please review the following Continuing Education regulations to ensure you are in full compliance and to find answers to questions about Approved Continuing Education Activities: 12 AAC 18.210 Continuing Education Requirement; 12 AAC 18.220 Approved Continuing Education Activities; 12 AAC 18.230 Audit of Continuing Education Requirements. Our Statutes and Regulations can be found in full here.

Fee Notice

The division director has determined that license fees will not be increased during the COVID-19 emergency. If you have comments or questions about this decision, please email


The governor has issued a mandate or the board has issued guidance for this program.

Please click here to read how this may affect you.

The Board of Social Work Examiners is staffed by the Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing. The board consists of two licensed social workers, one licensed master social worker, one licensed baccalaureate social worker and one public member. Board members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature. For information about board vacancies and the appointment process, please visit the Governor's Boards and Commissions web page .

The Board adopts regulations to carry out laws governing the practice of social work in Alaska. It makes final licensing decisions and takes disciplinary actions against people who violate licensing laws.

Click here to review a list of tentatively scheduled meetings .

Professions Regulated by the Board

  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Master Social Worker
  • Baccalaureate Social Work

Contact Information

Stefanie Davis, Licensing Examiner
Phone: (907) 465-2547
Email: SocialWorkExaminers@Alaska.Gov
PO Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806