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State Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Board

SB74 – Physical Therapy Licensure Compact was passed by the Alaska Legislature May, 2024.

This bill enacts fingerprinting and criminal background checks for physical therapy and occupational therapy applicants in Alaska. The requirement for fingerprint cards and fingerprint card fees - $75 will become effective 07/01/2024 or as soon as the Governor signs the bill, whichever is later. We don’t know exactly what date that will be. If your pending application is not completed and license issued prior to the bill’s signature, you will be required to meet this new condition. You will be notified via email with more information if this becomes necessary. (AS 08.84.030(a)(4); 08.84.032(a)&(b)(8))

Limited Permit, Renewal, and Reinstatement applications are exempt from this requirement. (AS 08.84.034)

Initial License Applications

Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapy Assistant Applications
Physical Therapist and Physical Therapy Assistant Applications

At a special board meeting held November 21, 2022 Member Dean made the following motion, seconded by Member Radley: The board will act in good faith to approve foreign-educated applicants per the intent of the proposed regulations to support HB99 effective 12/01/2022. All board members voted yes - Phelps, Dean, Radley, Walker, McLean, and Hill. Motion passes unanimously.

Renewal Applications

Reinstatement Applications

Miscellaneous Forms may be located under CBPL QUICK Links in the sidebar.