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State Medical Board

Frequently Asked Questions

Address of Record

You are required by law to keep your current address on file with the Division. This is the address to which you would like us to send all communications, including your permit or license. You may not use third party addresses, telephone numbers, or email addresses, as this creates difficulties when we are trying to reach you.

Notify the Division in writing if you have changed your address. You may use the form: Name Change/Address Change/Duplication License

Application Forms

The application and instructions for licensure in Alaska on our web site.

When completing applications forms, help us do a good job processing your application: type or print legibly all application documents. Read the instructions and give careful thought before answering the questions in the application. Remember — you are certifying that the information is truthful and correct. Make sure all notary seals are properly affixed on the application and all documentation has been properly certified as required. Provide all documents requested in the application; incomplete applications will delay processing.

Each question in the application must be answered. Attach separate sheets of paper, labeled with your name and signed by you, for any question for which you have provided a YES response. Failure to answer all questions completely and accurately, or the omission or falsification of information may be cause for denial of your application or disciplinary action. When in doubt, disclose and explain.

Application for Licensure by Examination

The Alaska State Medical Board requires the USMLE examination series and has contracted with the Federation of State Medical Board for administration of the examination. To request examination information, please call or write to the Federation at:

United States Medical Licensing Examination™ (USMLE) Step 3
The Federation of State Medical Boards
400 Fuller Wiser Rd., Suite 300
Euless, TX 76039-3856
817/868-4000 or 817/868-4041

Application for Licensure by Credentials

The Alaska State Medical Board may waive the written examination requirement and license an applicant by credentials to a physician who holds an active license issued after written examination in another state or territory of the United States or province of Canada. Such examination must be equivalent to the USMLE examination series or must include passing the following examinations with at least a minimum passing score as defined by regulation (12 AAC 40.020): the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), the Federation Licensing Examination (FLEX), or the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME).

Application Processing and Status Updates

Licensing staff will send you a written status update upon the initial screening of the application, and periodically throughout the application process. It is your responsibility to provide your documents and to request or order documents from other agencies and organizations.

In general, average processing time for a temporary permit is from twelve to fourteen weeks. Please plan accordingly. Application processing time depends to a large extent on the response time from other organizations. Time required also depends upon our workload and the volume of applications being processed. Because the length of processing time for your application may vary considerably, we urge you to be patient until processing is complete and the permit is issued.

If there are any “yes” responses or if adverse information is received, it will typically take longer to gather and evaluate the additional data. If the application is referred to the Investigations Unit for investigation of a particular issue, processing time is extended by the time required to complete an investigation. Since investigations must be prioritized, it may take longer to complete the file.

Board Review of Applications

Only the Board is authorized to grant licenses. Your application will be presented to the Board for review and approval of your license at a regularly-scheduled board meeting. In most cases, you will be notified via a completion status letter from the licensing examiner that your file has been forwarded to the executive administrator for review and when the next scheduled board meeting will occur. In some cases, if there is an issue that requires resolution in your application, your file may be delayed for a period of time and your file may not be reviewed by the Board immediately. If you wish to know when your application will be considered by the Board, please contact the office and advise us as early as possible so that we may accommodate your request.

Certified True Copies

To obtain a certified, true copy, take the original document and a photocopy to a notary public so he/she may compare the original to the photocopy of the document. You or the notary must write, “I certify this to be a true copy of the original document” on the photocopy. You will sign this statement, and the notary will attest the fact by notarizing the document. Each certified true copy must have a notary signature and seal.

Code of Ethics

Under state law it is considered unprofessional conduct to violate any code of ethics adopted by the Board. The Alaska State Medical Board has adopted the following codes of ethics for practice in the State of Alaska:

  • Code of Medical Ethics, published by the American Medical Association
  • Code of Ethics of the American Osteopathic Association
  • Code of Ethics of the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Code of Ethics of the Physician Assistant Profession of the American Academy of Physician Assistants
  • EMT Code of Ethics of the National Association of EMT’s


The contents of licensing files are considered public records, unless required to be kept confidential by state or federal law. If you believe that the additional information you are attaching to explain a “yes” answer should be considered confidential, state that in the attachment. A request for confidentiality may or may not be granted.

Continuing Medical Education

To qualify for license renewal:

  • physicians must complete an average of 25 hours of continuing medical education (CME) during each year of the previous licensing period. Licenses are renewed biennially, so physicians must have earned 50 credit hours during the concluding licensing period in order to qualify for renewal. Courses must be Category 1 of AMA-approved education, or Category 1 or 2 of AOA-approved education.
  • paramedics must complete 60hours of Board-approved continuing medical education (CME) for each year of the previous licensing period. Licenses are renewed biennially, so paramedics must have earned 120 credit hours during the concluding licensing period in order to qualify for renewal. CME hours must include current ACLS and BLS, as well as 6 hours of pediatric emergency education.

Information about approved paramedic CME available in the Board-issued guidelines.

Only those CME hours actually awarded during the concluding licensing period may be used to satisfy the requirements for a license renewal.

If you have not met the requirements of law for continuing medical education, you are not eligible to renew your license. Contact the Division office for additional information.

After renewal is completed, the Board will conduct a random audit of license application renewals. If your license is randomly selected for audit, you will be contacted by separate letter within 60 days after renewal. You will be required to submit copies of your certificates and other documentation that proves that you have satisfied the continuing education requirements as you have so affirmed on the renewal form. Retain your documents on file for at least four years so you can respond to audits. Do not submit your CME documents until they are requested.

DEA Clearance Report

To qualify for a license, you are required to request a clearance report from the Drug Enforcement Administration for your DEA registration. Send your request to:

Drug Enforcement Administration
300 5th Avenue, Suite 1300
Seattle, WA 98104

Denial of Application

If an application is not approved for licensure, a written explanation of the basis of that denial and information on how to appeal the decision will be provided. The denial of an application of licensure may be reported to any person, professional licensing board, federal, state, or local governmental agency, or other entity making a relevant inquiry, or as may be required by law.

Duplicate License

To order a duplicate license, you may use the form: Name Change/Address Change/Duplication License

Examination Scores

Regardless of your application, whether by credentials or examination, you must pass each component of your examinations with a minimum two-digit score of 75. If you are applying for licensure by examination and fail any component more than once, you will be required to complete a supervised course of study acceptable to the Board before permission to retake the step will be given. You must request exam scores be sent directly to the Board from the appropriate organization.

Expedited application review

Applications are reviewed in date order received. The average processing time is approximately 12-14 weeks from receipt of an application, depending on how quickly the required documents are received from other agencies.

We have developed a process to help identify critical need applicants so we can provide them with priority attention. The process is available for use by facility executives to request expedited screening of license applications when a lack of licensed personnel will result in a termination of service to patients. To maintain fairness to applicants awaiting review, only executives of the affected facility may request expedited application review. You may use the form: Request for Expedited Review


The Alaska State Medical Board does not license or regulate health care facilities. A health care facility may not practice medicine or delegate practice to unlicensed personnel - that would be the scope of practice of health care professionals practicing under their Alaska license.

For information about that program and requirements, contact the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Health Care Services.

For information about business licensing and corporate registration, please visit their website.


Initial Physician License Application:
$200 Nonrefundable Application Fee
$300 Permanent License Fee
$500 Total Due

Initial Physician Assistant License Application:
$150 Nonrefundable Application Fee
$50 Temporary Permit Fee
$200 Permanent License Fee
$100 Collaborative Plan Fee
$500 Total Due

Initial Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic License Application:
$50 Nonrefundable Application Fee
$50 Temporary or Provisional Permit Fee
$50 Permanent License Fee
$150 Total Due

Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS)

The Federation of State Medical Boards offers a credentials verification service that is accepted by the Alaska Board. This verification process is conducted separately and independently by the FCVS in accordance with established policies and procedures set forth by the Board. By participation in the FCVS process, you will establish a permanent, lifetime portfolio of primary-source verified credentials allowing for quick and easy access to your important medical credentials.

To utilize this service, you must first enroll by submitting an application to the FCVS. For more information on this service, go to, or call toll free 1 888/275-3287.

When the FCVS receives your information and documentation, a non-interpretive “Physician Information Profile” containing certified photocopies of your credentials is forwarded directly to the Board. Please do not contact the Alaska State Medical Board regarding your FCVS application.

Foreign Language Documents

All foreign language documents must be certified true copies and must be accompanied by a certified translation into English by a recognized translator.

Initial Licensure in Second Year of Two-Year Cycle

If you were initially licensed in the second year of the two-year licensure period, within 12 months of the expiration date (December 31 of even-number years), you will pay the entire license fee. When renewing your license your license fee will be pro-rated for the upcoming licensing period. The pro-rated fee will be one-half of the required license renewal fee at the time of renewal.

If your initial license was first issued to you after October 1 of the second year of the licensing period, you will pay the initial full license fee; however, your license will be issued showing the expiration date of the next biennial licensing period. (For example, if your initial license was issued October 18, 2016, the expiration date will automatically be entered as December 31, 2018.)

International Medical School Graduates

In order to qualify for licensure in Alaska, you must meet all of the requirements of Alaska law. The mandate to the Board is to protect the public through the licensure and disciplining of physicians, and to do so in accordance with the laws of the state. The Board is unable to assure licensure of any physician in the State of Alaska; each application is considered on an individual basis.

As one of its criteria for licensure for international medical school graduates, the Alaska State Medical Board adopted the Medical Board of California’s List of Approved Medical Schools. In order to qualify for licensure in Alaska, an applicant’s medical school must be included on that list. You may view the entire list on the online at the MBC’s website.

In addition, you would need to have completed at least three years of ACGME-accredited (or RCPSC-accredited) postgraduate training, have your ECFMG certification, and passed all components of the USMLE examination. You may NOT have a license to practice medicine in another state, territory, province or international licensing jurisdiction that is suspended, revoked, or otherwise disciplined.

Additional information is available in the application and instructions for licensure in Alaska.

Licensing Application Process

Submit your complete application to the Board with fees and pertinent documents. Licensing staff will assemble the documents for your application file and advise you of the application status. Upon the completion of the application file when all documents have been received from other organizations, the file is forwarded to the Board’s administrator who reviews the entire file. At the discretion of the administrator, a temporary permit may be issued.

The complete application file is presented to the Board at its next regularly-scheduled meeting. The Board meets four times each year. Following the Board’s review and approval, the licensing examiner will issue the permanent license.

Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received in the Board’s office. Please ensure that you apply well in advance of your need for the permit or license. Board staff will not expedite one application before another.

Licensing Staff

    Physicians (MD, DO, DPM):

    • If your last name begins with the letters A through I, you may contact:
      Licensing Examiner: Deb Tempel
      Phone: (907) 465-2756
    • If your last name begins with the letters J through Q, you may contact:
      Licensing Examiner: Tracy Wiard
      Phone: (907) 465-2541
    • If your last name begins with the letters R through Z, you may contact:
      Licensing Examiner: Olena Ziuba
      Phone: (907) 465-2566

    Physician Assistants, and Paramedics:

Malpractice Reporting

Alaska law requires you to submit a report of all malpractice settlements or judgments, on the Board’s form, within 30 days of the date of settlement. Failure to comply with reporting requirements may result in disciplinary sanctions.

The required form for malpractice reporting is available on the Applications & Forms web page.

Name Change

The name appearing on your license must be your current legal name. If you have changed your name, you must submit a copy of the legal document (marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.) supporting your name change. You may use the form: Name Change/Address Change/Duplication License

Online License Verification

All states require physicians to verify all licenses ever held (past and current) when applying for a license in another state. The Alaska State Medical Board uses the license verification service offered by VeriDoc.

If you need to have a license verification sent to any other organization, you may use the form: Request for License Verification.

You may verify license information for physicians, physician assistants, or mobile intensive care paramedics who are licensed by the Alaska State Medical Board by doing a license search on the Division's web site.

Out of State Practice

In order to provide care for a patient in the State of Alaska (including reading and interpreting films, samples, or images, or otherwise diagnosing, treating or rendering an opinion), an out-of-state physician must be licensed by the Alaska State Medical Board. This requirement also applies to second opinions if the physician is charging a fee for providing the opinion. The only exception is for a “curbside” opinion given as a courtesy to a colleague (an Alaska-licensed physician) for which there is no charge.

The following practices are considered unprofessional conduct under state law:

  • providing treatment, rendering a diagnosis, or prescribing medications based solely on a patient-supplied history that a physician licensed in this state received by telephone, facsimile, or electronic format; or
  • prescribing, dispensing, or furnishing a prescription medication to a person without first conducting a physical examination of that person;

Exception: a physician practicing under the provisions of AS 08.64.364, as long as the physician complies with the American Medical Association (AMA) guiding principles for telemedicine practice (adopted June 2014), and the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) Model Policy for the Appropriate Use of Telemedicine Technologies in the Practice of Medicine (adopted April 2014).

Payment of Child Support and Student Loans

If the Alaska Child Support Enforcement Division has determined that you are in arrears on child support, or if the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education has determined you are in loan default, you may be issued a nonrenewable temporary license valid for 150 days. The 150-day temporary license period is your opportunity to work with these agencies to obtain a release.

Contact Child Support Services at (907) 269-6900, or the Postsecondary Education office at (907) 465-2962 or (800) 441-2962 to resolve payment issues.

Personal Interviews

Applicants for medical licensure in Alaska may be required to have a personal interview with the Board. Should an interview be required, you will be notified and an interview scheduled. An interview may be required if, during the processing of your application, a question arises for which the Board determines it requires additional information from you.

Practicing in Alaska

For information on practice opportunities, please contact:

Alaska State Medical Association
4107 Laurel Street
Anchorage, AK 99508-5334
(907) 562-0304

Primary Source Verification

The Alaska State Medical Board conducts primary source verification of each applicant’s education requirements prior to issuing a license to Physicians (MD and DO), Podiatrists (DPM), Physician Assistants (PA), and Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics (MICP). The information is obtained directly from the accredited medical school (MD, DO, DPM), accredited professional training program (PA, MICP), and accredited post-graduate training program, as required by state law.

You may verify license information for physicians, physician assistants, or mobile intensive care paramedics who are licensed by the Alaska State Medical Board by doing a license search on the Division's web site.

Public Information

The contents of licensing files are considered public records, unless required to be kept confidential by state or federal law. Information about current licensees, including mailing addresses, is available on the Division’s website under License Search.

Renewing a License

All medical licenses in Alaska are on a two-year cycle, with all licenses expiring December 31 of even-numbered years. Notification for license renewal is mailed out to license holders of record at least 30 days prior to expiration, usually in late October.

You are required by law to keep your current address on file with the division (12 AAC 02.900). Failure to receive a renewal notice is not considered an excuse for nonrenewal.

It is illegal to practice medicine in Alaska with an inactive or lapsed license or permit.

  • Active status: An active license is required to in order to practice medicine in Alaska, no matter how infrequently. Renewing an active license requires submittal of a completed renewal application, payment of the full license fee, and completion of the CME requirements.
  • Inactive status: If you do not intend to practice in Alaska, you may convert your license to an inactive status. There is a lower fee for an inactive license renewal. You may not practice medicine or write prescriptions in Alaska with an inactive license. In order to resume practice in Alaska, the inactive license must be reactivated. That requires submitting an application for reactivation, paying the required license fees, proof of meeting the CME requirements, and submittal of license verification and clearance documents. You may wish to review the statutes and regulations regarding inactive licenses; relevant sections include Alaska Statute 08.64.313 and Professional Regulations 12 AAC 40.033.
  • Retired license: When retiring from practice in Alaska, you may convert your license to a retired status. There is a one-time fee for the remainder of the licensee’s lifetime, and there is no CME requirement. A physician may not practice medicine with a retired license. In order to resume practice in Alaska, the retired status license must be reactivated. That requires submitting an application for reactivation, paying the required license fees, proof of meeting CME requirements, submittal of license verification and clearance documents, passing the SPEX exam, documentation of mental and physical competency to practice, and a full Board interview. You may wish to review the statutes and regulations regarding retired licenses; relevant sections include Alaska Statutes 08.64.276 and Professional Regulations 12 AAC 40.031.

Social Security Numbers

Alaska law requires applicants for a professional license to provide a United States social security number before a professional license is issued or renewed. Applicants who are foreign citizens and are unable to obtain a social security number may complete the Request for Exception from Social Security Number Requirement form.

Stale Documents

If during the license application process certain documents become older than six months from the date the document was received in our office, that document is considered to be stale and must be resubmitted. Affected documents include the application, verifications of licensure from other licensing jurisdictions, hospital privileges verifications, the DEA clearance report, and the FSMB Board Action Data Bank report.

State Business Licenses

Physicians who are employees do not need to obtain an Alaska state business license; physicians who are independent contractors must obtain a state business license. Information about business licenses is available on the Business Licensing website.

Statutes and Regulations

The complete set of statutes and regulations for this program are available on our website.

If you would like to receive notice of all proposed regulation changes relevant to the State Medical Board, you may send a written request to add your name to the “Medical Interested Parties List” to the Regulations Specialist. Include your name and preferred contact method (mail or email.)

Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing
P.O. Box 110806
Juneau, Alaska 99811-0806

Email: RegulationsAndPublicComment@Alaska.Gov

Telephone Queries

We have a small staff and work hard to process applications as quickly as possible. Unnecessary telephone calls to our offices delay processing. If the licensing examiner must spend time answering numerous telephone queries, application processing time is affected. Because of the huge volume of telephone calls regarding the status of applications and because of privacy issues, we must restrict our telephone responses to the applicant only. We will not discuss your application with others. If you are concerned about your application being received in our office, mail it “certified – return receipt requested.” You will have a verification of delivery returned to you by the post office.

Temporary Permit

After your application for a permanent license is complete, it is forwarded to the Board’s executive administrator, who may authorize the issuance of a temporary permit. Since the Board only meets four times each year, the temporary permit is a courtesy to you to allow you to practice until the next board meeting when your file will be considered. The permit will be mailed to you at the address you specify in your application. Should a personal interview be required, the temporary permit may not be issued until the conclusion of the interview.

Tribal Health Programs

Health care practitioners who practice in a tribal health program in Alaska must be licensed in Alaska, unless they qualify for a federal exemption. To practice under the federal exemption, the practitioner must notify the State Medical Board that they are practicing under another state license in accordance with federal law. A person practicing under the exemption may not practice beyond the scope of the other state license.

The notice must be received no later than 14 days after employment at a tribal health program, and must include proof of a current active license in another state; and proof of employment by a tribal health program that is operating under an agreement with the federal Indian Health Service (Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act).

Withdrawal or Abandonment of Applications

The Board permits the withdrawal of an application that it has not yet considered at a board meeting. Should you wish to withdraw your application, please submit a request in writing stating the reason for the withdrawal. Requests must be received before the first time the Board reviews and considers the application. All withdrawals are reported to the Federation of State Medical Boards stating the reason for the withdrawal.

An application is considered abandoned when 12 months have elapsed since correspondence was last received from or on behalf of the applicant. An abandoned application is denied without prejudice. At the time of abandonment, the Division will send notification to the last known address of the applicant, who has 30 days to submit a written request for a refund of biennial license and other fees paid. The application fee will not be refunded. If no request for refund is received within that timeframe, no refund will be issued and all fees will be forfeited.

“Yes” Responses

A “Yes” response on an application does not mean your application will be denied. If you have responded “Yes” to any question in the application, additional time will be required for the gathering and assessment of pertinent information. You can expedite this process by providing with your application complete explanations and documentation for any “Yes” responses. When in doubt, disclose and explain.