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Board of Barbers and Hairdressers

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of licenses does Alaska offer?

Barber, Hairdresser, Esthetician, Nail Technician, Tattoo/Permanent Cosmetic Colorist, and Body Piercer.

What license do I need to apply false eyelashes?

You must be either a licensed hairdresser and/or esthetician.

Will my out of state license just transfer to Alaska?

No, you must submit an application by “waiver of examination” and meet the qualifications.

Who do I make my check or money order payable to?

State of Alaska.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa or MasterCard. Credit card information must be provided on our Credit Card Authorization form and must be either mailed or faxed with a coversheet detailing what the fees are for.

How long does it take to process my application?

All applications are processed in date order of receipt. A completed application can be processed in 1-2 weeks. Incomplete applications may take 4-6 weeks to process. Failure to submit required fees will result in an automatic letter requesting required fees before the application is processed.

You can help us process your application more rapidly by making sure you complete the application correctly and submit the correct fees and supporting documents.

How can I find out about the status of my application?

If your application is incomplete you will be notified by mail or email as soon as your application is reviewed. Please allow two to three weeks from the date the application is received for your status letter to reach you.

What is licensure by waiver of examination?

You are eligible for an Alaska license by waiver of examination if you have a current and active license in another state, with the requirements of the other state being equal to or greater than the requirements of the State of Alaska. Alaska requires both written and practical exams and 1650 school hours OR 2000 apprentice hours for barber and/or hairdresser. Esthetics requires 350 hours of school or apprenticeship training. If you meet these requirements then you are not required to take any exams in Alaska.

You can meet the hour requirement for Barbering or Hairdressing by submitting proof of full time work experience. If you have at least 1500 hours you can verify 1 year of full time work experience. If you have 1000 to 1499 hours of training you will need to verify a minimum of 2 years of full time work experience. If you cannot verify work experience, you must make up the hours in a school or apprenticeship program. If you did not take a written and practical test in your state of licensure, you must take the tests in Alaska.

License verifications must be mailed directly to this office from the issuing authority/State Board.

Transcripts must be mailed directly to this office from the school.

Can I apply for a temporary permit?

Waiver of Examination Applicants - Yes, a temporary permit is valid for 6 months and can be requested when you submit your application. The fee for the temporary permit is $100.00. You must submit a certified true copy of your current license with your application and all fees to include the Application Fee of $150.00 (nonrefundable) the initial license fee of $180.00 and the $100.00 Temporary Permit fee. Temporary Permits are not renewable and only one can be issued.

How to obtain a certified true copy?

To obtain a certified true copy of a document, take the original document and a copy to a notary. The notary will compare the copy to the original. In front of the notary write on the copy, “I certify this to be a true copy of the original document”, sign and date it. The notary will notarize your signature and affix their seal, sign and date the copy.

How do I qualify for a nail technician license?

  • Hold an active license in another State and have met our minimum educational requirements.
  • Complete a 250 hour course in manicuring from an approved school, or 300 hours of training in an approved apprentice program.

Can I submit faxed or email copies of my completed application?

No. Documents must have original signatures and notary stamps.

I have a license from another country. Would I be able to apply for an Alaska license by waiver of examination?

No. Out of country license holders are not eligible for licensure by waiver of examination. You must qualify and pass the written and practical exams. Transcripts, certificates, etc., must be submitted to a credential evaluation agency for conversion to US equivalency. The Board must approve all out of country training.

An application for examination must be received in this office (Juneau Alaska) by the exam deadline. The application includes all of the following:

  • A complete application for licensure
  • The $150.00 application fee and the $60.00 written and $60.00 practical exam fees.
  • Documents verifying that you have completed the required training for the license you are applying for.

Can I apply for a temporary license while I am waiting to take the examination?

Students awaiting examination: Yes, a temporary license is valid for 120 days and can be requested when you submit your application for examination. The fee is $100.00. A Statement of Responsibility form must be submitted and you must be scheduled for an exam. Temporary Licenses are not renewable and only one can be issued.

Can I pay my fees over the phone with a credit card?


Can I renew my license over the phone?

No. Renewal applications and fees must be mailed.

Can I transfer/use hours of training earned out of state or in state to another school or into an apprentice program?

Yes. For out of state schools; transcripts must be mailed directly to this office for evaluation. For in state school or apprenticeships; proof of training must be submitted to this office.

If an apprentice OR student has a two (2) year interruption during training (training not completed); the earned hours/practical operations will expire and applicant will need to re-start training.

How do I get Alaska license & examination information sent to another State Board?

You must submit a written request to send verification of your license and our $20 processing fee per license & per mailing. The written request MUST include the State Board you would like the verification mailed to and their mailing address. Please note; most State Boards will not accept license verification not mailed directly to their offices.