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Board of Barbers and Hairdressers

    Individual Applications
    Student and Apprentice Applications
    Tattooing, Permanent Cosmetic Coloring, and Body Piercing Applications

NOTE: Online CPR courses are not approved. CPR courses must be hands on. Contact the course provider to ensure that your CPR course meets the Board's requirements.

    School and Shop Applications
    License Renewal Applications

Before you submit a 2017 – 2019 Renewal Application and Fees; please, verify that your current license is expired. If your expiration date is August 31, 2019 (08/31/2019) you do not need to renew.

If you are not sure of the expiration date your license you can look it up using the Online Professional License Search.

The following renewal forms are for the September 1, 2017 — August 31, 2019 licensing period.

Renewal applications, and the appropriate fees, must be mailed to the Division.
Do not fax or email your renewal applications!

Miscellaneous Forms