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Board of Pharmacy

Board Meetings

Board Meeting Overview

The Alaska Board of Pharmacy “the board” typically holds two-day meetings on Thursdays and Fridays. The board is required to meet at least three (3) times a year and may only meet if a quorum of the board (four members) is present. Additional meetings may be held if at least two board members submit a request in writing. One or all meetings may be held via video or teleconference; however, consistent with the Open Meetings Act, all meetings are accessible through a published call-in number or in-person for those who are able to attend. Call-in numbers and draft agendas are typically available 14 days prior to the scheduled meeting, and a public board meeting packet is typically available 14 – 5 days prior.

Meeting Topics

Below are agenda items that may be standard, but some topics are fluid and may not be restricted to any particular agenda item.

Board Business – may include license application review, review/discussion of forms, review of correspondence, addressing topics that may warrant board guidance, reviewing continuing education audits, and addressing disciplinary actions/consent agreements; some topics may be confidential and discussed under executive session.

Budget Report/Division Update – includes budget reports and may include staffing assignment/structure updates or other division topics./p>

Controlled Substances Advisory Committee (CSAC) – may include an overview of topics being discussed by the CSAC.

Consent Agreements – includes discussion by the division’s paralegal on adverse license actions or consent agreements to consider; may be confidential and discussed under executive session.

New Business – typically includes topics the board has not yet addressed or has only recently began discussing; typically includes industry updates and information on national changes and trends; may include regulation topics.

Investigative Report – includes the report provided by the division’s investigative unit; may be confidential and discussed under executive session.

Old Business – typically includes topics previously discussed by or made aware to the board.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) – typically includes statistical reports, updates on database enhancement features, and updates on federal grant activities.

Regulations – involves the board reviewing, discussing, and/or drafting potential regulation changes, including outdated and new regulations, and may include reviewing of public comments submitted to the division’s regulations specialists or to board staff.

Though not required, a public comment period may be on the agenda if appropriately published through the public noticing system. Public comment periods are typically reserved for commenting on proposed regulations, though the board may also publish comment periods as needed.

Submitting a topic for discussion: If a public comment period is not scheduled or has closed, interested parties may submit their correspondence in writing to the board for review and possible discussion under the correspondence agenda or subtopic item. At least 30 days before the meeting, please submit your request to and clearly state the subject, who you are representing (e.g.: pharmacy/facility or private person/licensee), and cite any applicable statutes and regulations.

Application Review

The board may occasionally review license and registration applications during board meetings, but does regularly review and vote on applications through an online review and voting period on a monthly basis beginning on the second-to-last Friday of each month for a period of 10 -15 days. While a quorum of at least four members is required to conduct business, only three (3) votes constitute a quorum for the purpose of reviewing and voting on applications per AS 08.80.070. If a license/registration is approved and the application is complete, it may be issued within 14 days.

After a Meeting

Draft minutes are typically available within 10 days subsequent to a meeting while final minutes are typically posted within 3-4 months. The last page of the meeting minutes usually address placeholder dates for subsequent meetings, though the dates may not be finalized until 2 – 4 months before the meeting is to take place.

2022 Meetings

2021 Meetings

2020 Meetings

2019 Meetings

  • June 27 Juneau - Commissioner’s Conference Room, 9th Floor, State Office Building
    Anchorage - Commissioner’s Conference Room (Suite 1535), Robert Atwood Building
    Tentative Agenda
    Board Packet
  • March 7 – 8 Anchorage (Day 1 and Day 2):
    First Floor – Conference Room ACC 102
    Robert Atwood Building
    Juneau (Day 1):
    State Office Building
    9th Floor – Commissioner’s Conference Room
    Board Packet
    Juneau (Day 2): State Office Building
    9th Floor – Conference Room C
    Board Packet
  • November 14 – 15
    Juneau – Conference Room A
    Anchorage – Suite 1550
    November 14 (Day 1)
    Board Packet
    November 15 (Day 2)
    Board Packet

Contact Information

Laura Carrillo, Executive Administrator
Telephone: (907) 465-1073
Email: Laura.Carrillo@Alaska.Gov
Address: P.O. Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806

Facilities ONLY:

  • Out-of-state pharmacy
  • In-state wholesale drug distributors
  • Non-resident wholesale drug distributors
  • Outsourcing facilities
  • Third-party logistics providers

Heather Noe, Licensing Examiner
Telephone: (907) 465-2589
Email: BoardOfPharmacy@Alaska.Gov
Address: P.O. Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806

Interns/Pharmacy Techs ONLY:

Telephone: (907) 465-1073
Email: BoardOfPharmacy@Alaska.Gov
Address: P.O. Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806