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Board of Pharmacy

Emergency Applications

These forms can be used by a pharmacist, pharmacist intern, or pharmacy technician emergency permit or courtesy license applicant. The emergency permit application is to be used for staffing purposes when a pharmacy is without the services of a pharmacist due to death, illness, or other emergency circumstance. The emergency courtesy license is to be used to respond to an urgent situation, which is defined in 12 AAC 52.110. Please refer to the ‘Authorized Emergency Courtesy License Activities’ document when filling out the emergency courtesy license application.

Emergency PERMIT

Initial Applications

Pharmacists, Technicians, and Interns
  • Pharmacist Application
    Emergency permit applicants: download the instructions HERE.
    #08-4032, Revised 01/30/2023
    Application of pharmacist licensure by examination, by score transfer, or by credentials through NABP.
  • Pharmacy Intern Application
    #08-1468, Revised 01/30/2023
    Application for licensure as a pregraduate or postgraduate. License required before beginning an internship in the state.
    Applications submitted on or after 10/31/2019 no longer require a declaration of sponsorship form to be completed. In addition, individuals wishing to practice within the scope of a pharmacy intern must be licensed in Alaska prior to engaging in an internship.
  • Pharmacy Technician Application
    #08-4353, Revised 01/30/2023
    License required before beginning employment as a technician.
  • Physician-Pharmacist Cooperative Practice Agreement
    #08-4410, Revised 07/08/2022
  • Intern Affidavit of Experience
    #08-4068, Revised 08/07/2019

Questions? See the Guide to Obtaining Your Alaska Pharmacist License




New License Type FAQs

To find answers to common questions regarding outsourcing facilities, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and non-resident wholesale drug distributors, please view this New License Types FAQs document.

Important Information Regarding New License Types

SB 37 will take effect on July 1, 2019, which will authorize licensing of third-party logistics providers, outsourcing facilities, and wholesale drug distributors located outside of the State. The Alaska Board of Pharmacy convened on June 27th to review proposed regulations to implement these new license types; however, applications will be available before October 31, 2019.

Please note that an Alaska business license will be required before engaging in any business activity; however, to receive a business license, a professional license must be obtained first. Applicable NAICS business codes are provided below. After receiving a professional license in Alaska, you may call 907-465-2550 or email for more information on how to obtain the proper business license.

  • 424210 – Drug Wholesalers
  • 423490 – Professional Equipment Wholesalers

If you have questions about business licensing specifically, please call them directly at (907) 465-2550.

Renewal Applications

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians: Do not sign or date your renewal form until you have completed your continuing education requirements. This requirement is clear in the text above the signature line on pharmacist and technician renewal forms. CEs completed after the date on your renewal form will be disregarded in an audit. The envelopes and postmark dates used for division correspondence become part of your permanent record.

Late renewal applicants must submit proof of completing the required continuing education (CE) activity by attaching copies of CE certificates of completion to the renewal application.

Pharmacists and Technicians Facilities

Self-Inspection Reports

Miscellaneous Forms

The following forms may also be initiated online via the MY LICENSE self-service portal.