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Board of Public Accountancy


  • Certified Public Accountant
    • $200.00 Nonrefundable Application Fee
    • $300.00 Certificate Fee
  • CPA Firm
    • $200.00 Nonrefundable Application Fee
    • $530.00 Permit Fee

Alaska law requires each licensed profession to cover its own regulatory costs. (AS 08.01.065).

There are two types of expenses: Direct and Indirect. Direct expenses include fees that can be specifically attributed to the Board of Public Accountancy and Indirect expenses include office space rent, and other expenses that the division applies to all division licensees.

Direct and Indirect expenses include:

  • Personal services (personnel)
  • Travel (board meetings, conferences, investigations, hearings)
  • Contractual services (telephone calls, postage, expert witnesses, Department of Law legal work; etc.)
  • Supplies (paper, envelopes, etc.)
  • Equipment (purchase and repair of computers, software, copy machines, etc)

Since the Board of Public Accountancy must pay its own way, each licensee pays a share of that expense through licensing fees. Generally, the more licensees the lower the licensing fee.

About six months before the current license expiration date, the division reviews the board’s expenses for the prior two fiscal years and calculates licensing fees based on expenses, with consideration given to roll forward credits or debits and projected increases or decreases.

The following chart shows the percentage breakdown of board expenses.