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Board of Public Accountancy

Applications and Forms

CPA Individual Forms

Firm Application

CPA Firms (firms with an office in Alaska):
Under the updated definition of firm, sole proprietors are also now required to obtain a firm permit.

Per AS 08.04.680(6), “firm” means a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or other legal entity.

Per AS 08.04.680 (14), “practice of public accounting” means the offering to perform or the performance as a person holding a license, practice privilege, or permit under this chapter of a service involving the use of accounting or auditing skills; in this paragraph, “accounting or auditing skills” includes preparing financial statements, issuing reports, furnishing management services, furnishing financial advisory services, providing consulting services, preparing tax returns, advising on tax matters, or consulting on tax matters.

If you are signing “CPA” and/or engaged in the practice of public accounting with your business, your firm needs to obtain a firm permit.

Out-of-State Firms (firms that do not have an office in Alaska but provide, or offer to provide, attest functions in the state):
Please be aware that while it may have been previously communicated that out-of-state firms no longer need to obtain Alaska permits, it has recently been identified that this is incorrect. Alaska statutes 08.04.240(g) and (k) still require firms that do not have offices in Alaska but provide, or offer to provide, attest functions in Alaska, to obtain CPA firm permits and renew them every two years.

Renewal Forms

Out of State Permit Renewals

If your firm does not have an office in Alaska, but plans to provide or offer to provide attest functions in Alaska, use the CPA Firm Permit renewal application above (#08-4062).

Upon staff review of pending renewal, the permit type will manually be changed from “Out-of-State Permit” (which no longer exists due to the repeal of AS 08.04.421) to “CPA Firm Permit” under AS 08.04.240; and that upon that manual change, an updated permit certificate will be generated reflecting the new permit type, but the permit number will remain the same.

Miscellaneous Forms

Division forms may be found in the CBPL Quick links, located in the sidebar to the right