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Board of Professional Counselors

Notice Regarding Criminal Background Checks

An applicant applying for a professional counselor license by examination or credentials is required by 12 AAC 62.100.(b)(6) or 12 AAC 62.130.(7), respectively to submit an official criminal background check from all states in which an applicant has ever been licensed and from the primary residence state. Please note the following:

  • The Board will accept supporting documentation from the records keeper in the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Criminal background checks can come directly from the issuing agency to our office.
  • Criminal background checks can come from the applicant if the report remains in its original, sealed envelope.
  • The preferred method of receiving background checks is via hardcopy mail.
  • Criminal background checks will be accepted via e-mail only if it can be verified that the sender e-mail belongs to a government e-mail address or similar authority.
  • Some states do not allow distribution of criminal background checks to third parties or will not provide a report to the applicant if the intent is to forward it to a third party. If you have been licensed in a state that does not authorize the release of a criminal record report to a third party, please submit supporting documentation. Click here for an example of supporting documentation.

New Requirement for Applications for Board Approved Supervisors

As of February 20, 2022 the following regulation changes have gone into effect and will be enforced for those applying to be a Board Approved Supervisor.

(a) The board will certify as an approved counselor supervisor an applicant who meets the requirements of AS 08.29.210 and of this section. An applicant for certification under this section must

    (1) submit a complete application, on a form provided by the department;
    (2) submit the board-approved supervisor fee established in 12 AAC 02.325;
    (3) certify that the applicant adheres, and will continue to adhere, to the ethical guidelines adopted in (b) of this section;
    (4) submit documentation of having completed at least 25 contact hours of continuing education related to supervision of professional counselors within the two years preceding the date of application; the 25 contact hours of continuing education must include at least 12 hours earned through attendance and completion of synchronous courses, seminars, and workshops; the 25 contact hours must be obtained through any of the following:
      (A) a three semester-hour graduate course in clinical supervision;
      (B) a course approved by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC);
      (C) a course approved by the American Counseling Association (ACA);
      (D) a course approved by the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA); or
      (E) other courses related to professional counseling supervision and presented to the board for pre-approval as equivalent to courses described in (B) – (D) of this paragraph; and
    (5) if the applicant is applying to be certified as an approved counselor supervisor from another jurisdiction, submit a copy of the applicant's license in that jurisdiction.

(b) The code of ethics for an approved counselor supervisor certified under this section is the AMHCA Code of Ethics, adopted by reference in 12 AAC 62.900.

Please note that applications postmarked prior to February 20th, 2022 will not be penalized for not following this regulation. All applications post-marked after this date will need to follow this regulation. At this time the form is being edited and reflects the previous requirement and an updated application will be made available soon. Thank you for your understanding.

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