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Board of Marital and Family Therapy


Important MFT National Examination Update:

The Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Board (AMFTRB) is partnered with the Professional Testing Corporation (PTC). Candidates must submit applications to the State of Alaska Board of Marital and Family Therapy for approval to sit for the examination; there are one-week testing opportunities every month. The application deadline will be the 1st of the month prior to the applicant’s chosen testing period. Examination scores will be sent directly from AMFTRB/PTC to the individual approximately 20 days subsequent to the close of the applicant’s testing window.

To begin the examination application process in the state of Alaska, a candidate must first meet the requirements of licensure as a Marital & Family Therapy Associate. To request examination approval, a licensed Marital & Family Therapy Associate must apply for Marital and Family Therapist license using form #08-4203. A license to practice as a Marital & Family Therapist will not be issued until the associate has completed 1500 hours of clinical contact hours and 200 hours of supervision.

Please visit the AMFTRB website for testing windows and application deadlines: