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Offices Closed to Public

The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development offices are closed to the public at this time. We are still open for business and encourage you to contact us via phone or email.

Board of Marital & Family Therapy

Continuing Education

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  • (a) To be accepted by the board, continuing education must contribute directly to the professional competency of a marital and family therapist and must be directly related to the skills and knowledge required to implement marital and family therapy principles and methods.
  • (b)The following continuing education activities are acceptable if they are related to marital and family therapy in accordance with (a) of this section:
    • (1) postgraduate courses given by a regionally accredited academic institution, either audited or for credit;
    • (2) courses offered by the American Association for Marital and Family Therapy;
    • (3) courses offered by the Alaska Association for Marital and Family Therapy;
    • (4) seminars, workshops, or mini-courses offered by professional organizations;
    • (5) cross-disciplinary courses, seminars, or workshops in the fields of medicine, law, behavioral sciences, ethics, or other disciplines;
    • (6) courses, seminars, or workshops in substance abuse, domestic violence, cross-cultural issues, gender issues, or child abuse;
    • (7) other courses not covered under (1)--(6) of this subsection that are specifically preapproved by the board, up to a maximum of 15 contact hours;
    • (8) first-time preparation and presentation of a marital and family therapy course, seminar, or workshop, up to a maximum of 10 contact hours allocated among all marital and family therapists and other professionals involved;
    • (9) first-time presentation or publication of an article or book chapter related to the practice of marital and family therapy that was presented at a state or national association meeting or published by a publisher recognized by the profession, up to a maximum of 10 contact hours allocated among all marital and family therapists and other professionals involved; and
    • (10) completion of a formal correspondence program, video tape program, audio cassette program, or other individual study program; the number of hours of continuing education credit awarded will be determined by the board using the contact hour standards described in 12 AAC 19.310(d)(1), not to exceed one-half of the total contact hours of continuing education required for license renewal under 12 AAC 19.310; a program under this paragraph is acceptable only if
      • (A) the program requires registration and provides evidence of successful completion; or
      • (B) the licensee submits a signed statement verifying that the licensee has successfully completed the program from a licensee who is a supervisor approved under 12 AAC 19.210 and has supervised the licensee’s study program under this paragraph.
  • (c) Hours spent in job orientation will not be accepted as continuing education contact hours.