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Board of Marital and Family Therapy

Supervision Information

  • Associate Experience Form
    This is a Weekly Summary of Hours of Experience form intended for the use of associates and supervisors. This is simply a template—other similar forms are sufficient.
  • Quarter-Semester conversion for associate applicants
    1 semester hours = 1.5 quarter hours
    2 semester hours = 3.0 quarter hours
    3 semester hours = 4.5 quarter hours
    4 semester hours = 6.0 quarter hours
    5 semester hours = 7.5 quarter hours
  • Application for Board Authorized Marital and Family Therapist Supervisor
  • Only hours supervised by a Board authorized supervisor will be accepted.

    As of May 1, 2024, all board authorized supervisors have been issued a “license” number for their certification by the board to provide supervision. A list will no longer be provided on this website.

    Please search our professional licensing database for Board Authorized Supervisors for Marital and Family Therapy.

    Authorized Supervisors: Please contact the division if you have any questions about your certification; you can reach the licensing examiner at BoardofMaritalandFamilyTherapy@Alaska.Gov.

    Please note that if your professional license lapses or expires, supervised hours will not be accepted for the dates you do not hold an active license.