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Big Game Commercial Services Board

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a Guide or Transporter license? 2. Can I pay my fees or fines on line? 3. How do I notify the board of my new mailing address, request a duplicate copy of my license, or change my name? 4. How do I get a list of: 5. When and how do I renew my license? 6. I am a guide/outfitter in another state. Does the Alaska Big Game Commercial Services Board have reciprocity with any other states? 7. Can a nonresident or nonresident alien obtain a guide or transport license? 8. Which first aid certification courses are recognized by the Board? 9. How often and where can I take the Registered Guide-Outfitter and the Guide Management Unit (GMU) exams? 10. What do I do if I don’t pass my exam? 11. Who can I contact if I have a questions regarding my hunt or transporter activity reports? 12. Does the Big Game Commercial Services Board distribute hunting and fishing permits, tags, drawing permits or regulate hunting in Alaska? 13. What is a UVC (unique verification code) and who needs one? 14. Bear hide and skull Questions:

BGCSB Disciplinary Guidelines and Precedence

Guide Business Administration Information

Code of Federal Regulations: Part 91