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Big Game Commercial Services Board

Guide Use Areas


GUA Registration Requirements
(AS 08.54.750 and 12 AAC 75.230)

  1. Guides must be registered in a GUA in a game management unit in which they are licensed to conduct hunts.
  2. GUA’s must be registered for a minimum of 3 years and may be registered for a maximum of 5 years at a time with a $100 per year registration fee.
  3. Guides can only register for three GUAs at a time.
  4. Guides must submit current land use authorization from a public or private land owner for a minimum of 5,000 contiguous acres within the GUA.
    1. The sworn statement form should also be submitted if the land use authorization does not list your GUAs.
    2. The land use authorization may be submitted on the form included in the application packet or on the owner’s letterhead.

GUA Registration Application Steps

  1. Go to the Big Game Commercial Services Board website.
  2. Click on the hyperlink "Application for Guide Use Area Registration."
    #08-4231, Revised 11/19/2020
  3. Download the registration form, follow the instructions, fill out the payment form, mail the completed documents.

GUA Registration Processing

  1. Applications are processed in the order received.
  2. Form 08-4719 is an affidavit to provide a sworn statement that the guide has land use authorization in the GUA(s) requested. This document is required if the land use authorization does not list your GUAs.
  3. GUA registrations are effective 30 days after COMPLETED documents or application is submitted. The 30-day clock does not start until all the necessary forms are complete.
  4. Incomplete applications will delay effective dates of GUA registration.

Important Note For Guides Regarding Drawing Hunt Permit Applications:

Some hunts require a signed guide-client contract before or at the time of drawing hunt permit applications. For these hunts, guides must have a current GUA registration on file for the year of the application for the draw AND the year the hunt takes place prior to the client applying for the drawing hunt permit.

Predator Control Information

Applicants who apply for predator control guide use areas in accordance with AS 08.54.750(f) must take responsibility for keeping themselves informed of any changes to 5 AAC 92.

Official Big Game Guide Use Area Maps

View Maps

Guide Use Area Maps can be printed from your desktop printer. Depending on the Type of printer you have the map clarity or size can vary. At this time there are not any vendors who are interested in providing full-scale versions of the Guide Use Area Maps.

Please be advised: The Guide Use Area Maps that are obtained from other sources than this website should not be relied on as being 100% accurate.

Attention Vendors: If you are a vendor that is interested in providing to the public full-scale versions of the Board’s digitized Guide Use Area Maps, please submit your written request to:

Big Game Commercial Services Board
Division of Corporations, Business
and Professional Licensing
P.O. Box 110806
Juneau , AK 99811-0806

Guide Use Areas Download

Guide Use Areas Download

Listing of Guide-Outfitter’s authorized to provide big game services’ within specific Game Management Units. The listing is presented in numerical order by Game Management Unit and Guide Use Area.

Major Land Managers Contact List

Major Land Managers List