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Big Game Commercial Services Board

Applications & Forms


GUA Registration Requirements
(AS 08.54.750 and 12 AAC 75.230)

  1. Guides must be registered in a GUA in a game management unit in which they are licensed to conduct hunts.
  2. GUA’s can be registered for up to 5 years at a time with a $100/year registration fee.
  3. Guides can only register for three GUAs at a time.
  4. Guides must submit current or prior year land use authorization from a public or private land owner for a minimum of 5,000 contiguous acres within the GUA.
    1. The sworn statement form should also be submitted if the land use authorization does not list your GUAs.
    2. The land use authorization may be submitted on the form included in the application packet or on the owner’s letterhead.

GUA Registration Application Steps

  1. Go to the Big Game Commercial Services Board website.
  2. Click on the hyperlink "Application for Guide Use Area Registration", #08-4231, Revised 3/15/17.
  3. Download the registration form, follow the instructions, fill out the payment form, mail the completed documents.

GUA Registration Processing

  1. Applications are processed in the order received.
  2. Form 08-4719 is an affidavit to provide a sworn statement that the guide has land use authorization in the GUA(s) requested. This document is required if the land use authorization does not list your GUAs.
  3. GUA registrations are effective 30 days after COMPLETED documents or application is submitted. The 30-day clock does not start until all the necessary forms are complete.
  4. Incomplete applications will delay effective dates of GUA registration.

Initial License Applications

Renewal License Applications

Guide Use Area Registration Forms

Hunt Records and Activity Reports

Miscellaneous Forms

Sample Contracts

Alaska Statute 08-54-680 and regulations under 12 AAC 75 require Registered Guide-Outfitters and Transporters to provide a written contract to clients. Sample contracts are provided below. The contracts below may be used to meet the requirements in statute and regulation, or a licensee may choose to develop his/her own personalized contracts. It is very important that the contracts utilized meets all the specific requirements listed in AS 08.54.680 and 12 AAC 75.450 for Transporters, and 12 AAC 75.260 for Registered Guide-Outfitters.

Regulation Proposal Form

Proposed regulations are allowed at all Board meetings during the public comment period. If you would like to bring a regulation proposal to the Board, you must use the BGCSB Regulation Proposal Form #08-4573. If you wish your proposal to be considered by the Board at the next scheduled meeting, the proposal must be received by the Division by close of business 45 days before the first day of the scheduled meeting.