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Offices Closed to Public

The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development offices are closed to the public at this time. We are still open for business and encourage you to contact us via phone or email.

Big Game Commercial Services Board

Applications & Forms

Initial License Applications

Renewal Information & Applications

Amendments to Master Guide-Outfitter License Requirements

Legislation earlier in 2019 (SB 43) made amendments to requirements for master guide-outfitter licenses. These new requirements went into effect on September 14, 2019. Questions were raised at the December meeting of the Big Game Commercial Services Board regarding potential unintended consequences of these changes. Please see below for clarification.

If you have questions pertaining to your own master guide-outfitter license or your pending application for a master guide-outfitter license, please contact the division at BigGameCommercialServicesBoard@Alaska.Gov. Legislative changes to these amendments are being considered.

New Master Guide-Outfitter Licenses

The amendment in AS 08.54.610(b)(4) applies to license applications considered by the board after the effective date of the amendment, September 14, 2019. An application received after that date or an application that was received prior to that date but considered by the board on or after that date must meet the new standard. If denied a license, the applicant may appeal the board’s decision.

Existing/Renewing Master Guide-Outfitter Licenses

Licensees may rest assured that the renewal process will not change due to the new law. Any conviction that occurred since the date the license was last issued must be reported and will be investigated per pre-existing policy.

Revocation of a master guide-outfitter license under the new AS 08.54.710(k) applies to convictions dated on or after September 14, 2019. The board will not go back and reevaluate past applications or old convictions and apply stricter standards. If a master guide-outfitter license is revoked under AS 08.54.710(k), the board has the option to consider issuing a registered guide-outfitter license at the time of revocation. A licensee may appeal the board’s decision.

Renewal Applications

Guide Use Area Registration Forms

Hunt Records and Activity Reports

Miscellaneous Forms

Municipal Requests for Hunt Record and Transporter Activity Report Data

Effective August 8, 2018, the Alaska State Legislature enacted HB 267, allowing certain data regarding big game hunting records to be released to municipalities that have adopted ordinances to tax Registered Guide-Outfitters, Master Guide-Outfitters, and Transporters, whose licenses are regulated by this agency and the Big Game Commercial Services Board. This data is confidential per 08.54.760; distribution or release of this information by the requesting agency or its staff is punishable as a crime under AS 11.56.850-860. The fee for each quarter requested is $500. Please contact program staff for more information (907) 465-2543

Workers' Compensation Insurance Required

Assistant Guides are employees for workers' compensation purposes, and therefore workers' compensation insurance is required. Call the Alaska Division of Workers' Compensation Special Investigations Unit at (907) 269-4002 with compliance questions.

Sample Contracts

Alaska Statute 08-54-680 and regulations under 12 AAC 75 require Registered Guide-Outfitters and Transporters to provide a written contract to clients. Sample contracts are provided below. The contracts below may be used to meet the requirements in statute and regulation, or a licensee may choose to develop his/her own personalized contracts. It is very important that the contracts utilized meets all the specific requirements listed in AS 08.54.680 and 12 AAC 75.450 for Transporters, and 12 AAC 75.260 for Registered Guide-Outfitters.

Regulation Proposal Form

Proposed regulations are allowed at all Board meetings during the public comment period. If you would like to bring a regulation proposal to the Board, you must use the BGCSB Regulation Proposal Form #08-4573. If you wish your proposal to be considered by the Board at the next scheduled meeting, the proposal must be received by the Division by close of business 45 days before the first day of the scheduled meeting.