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Construction Contractors

Initial Applications

Renewal Applications

2023 & 2024 Renewals: Expiration dates for all Construction Contractor professional licenses have changed! This effects when construction contractors of all types and residential contractor endorsement holders will need to renew their professional license(s) for this year and going forward. For more detail on what the date changes are, when renewals will occur, what the cost of renewal will be, and more, please click here.

Renewal applications for construction contractors will be available no later than August 31st, 2024, in accordance with AS 08.01.050. Please note, you must wait for an updated renewal application to renew your license. You cannot renew your license using any prior renewal forms. If you need to renew your license for the current licensing period (expired on 9/30/2022 or 12/31/2022), email ConstructionContractors@Alaska.Gov to request the appropriate form. To ensure receipt of renewal notifications and other correspondence from our office, please go to MY LICENSE and confirm your current mailing address is on file.

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