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Alaska State Board of Registration for Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyors

Seal Specifications

Downloadable Seals

Right Click on title below to save seal to your hard drive. Then open they will be available in your AutoCad Version 14 or higher to access the files.

12 AAC 36.185 has been amended to read:

12 AAC 36.185. Use of Seals.

  • (d) The registrant shall include the date each time the registrant signs and seals a document by electronically or manually inserting the date within the seal or within two inches of the seal.

A new subsection has been added to read:

  • (f) An electronic image of a signature may be used on the seal if the registrant or the owner of the documents retains an original copy of the documents, accessible for later reference, that has either
    • (1) an original hand signature over the seal; or
    • (2) software in place that will automatically remove or modify the electronic image of the signature if the document is modified.

The AELS Board is not planning to redesign the seal, but did want to make suggestions as to how the date could be included.

These are two examples that the AELS Board would like to use to illustrate the new requirement:


This is how a registrant could manually insert the date each time they signed, just under the signature line. This can also be done with Dtext in an AutoCad electronic seal. Dtext would have to be filled in each time the seal was used.


This is an example of an AutoCad feature that will automatically insert the current date into an electronic stamp each time it is applied. The registrant would sign the document after printing, with the computer-generated date inserted under the signature line. Modifying your electronic stamp to allow the automatic insertion of the current date would be acceptable to the Board. This is one example using the Diesel programming language.

More Information

To create a Diesel expression for the date:

  1. AutoCAD command RText brings up the following options: Command: rtext Enter an option [Style/Height/Rotation/File/Diesel] :
  2. Choose D for Diesel.
  3. In the dialog box that pops up type: $(edtime,0,MON DD',' YYYY)

    Pick the OK button and you get the following prompt: Specify start point of RText:
  4. Pick a spot in the drawing where you want to place the diesel expression and you will get the following prompt:
  5. Current values: Style=ROMANS Height=9' Rotation=0.00000000 Enter an option [Style/Height/Rotation/Edit]:
  6. You may choose an option to edit the [Style/Height/Rotation/Edit] or Hit return to exit out of RText.

(The resulting Diesel expression is also editable with Properties at a later time if you need to.)