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Alaska State Board of Registration for Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyors

    Click Here to Renew Online    

Online renewal available until:
December 31, 2017

Valid license numbers contain either:

6 numbers, or;
4 letters + at least 1 number.

If you have an alpha-numeric license number, you must enter all of the characters in order to renew online.

In order to renew your certificate of authorization, your professionals in responsible charge must renew their licenses first.

Are you an entity (INC, LLC, LLP, or LP)? Before you renew your professional license, check the status of your entity. Failure to maintain a status of Good Standing with the Corporations Section will directly impact your renewal and the status of your Professional License and Business License. For more information, including if your entity status is Non-Compliant, Involuntarily Dissolved, or Revoked, go to "Check Your Entity's Status" at:   Corporations.Alaska.Gov

Renewal Forms
Initial Applications
Miscellaneous Forms