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Applicant Information

Reinstatement Applications

Licenses that have lapsed may be reinstated by completing the application for reinstatement, paying the license and penalty fee, submitting verification of licensure in each jurisdiction where the applicant held a license to practice nursing during the time the license was lapsed and providing proof of fulfillment of continuing competency requirements. If your license has been lapsed more than 1 year you must have a State of Alaska and FBI background check by submitting a completed fingerprint card (FD-258).

If the applicant has not worked in the preceding five years, the applicant must submit proof of completion of a course of study (refresher course) approved by the board (12 AAC 44.317 (b)(5)).

A license that has lapsed more than five years will be reinstated by meeting the requirements listed above and AS 08.68.251(b). (See 12 AAC 44.317 and AS 08.68.251(b)).

Before a license can be reinstated, registered and practical nurse licensees must complete two of the following methods for maintaining continuing competency (Article 6 of 12 AAC) and submit the documentation with their reinstatement application.

  • (a) 30 contact hours of continuing education prescribed under 12 AAC 44.610
  • (b) 30 hours of participation in professional activities prescribed under 12 AAC 44.620
  • (c) 320 hours of employment prescribed under 12 AAC 44.630

Application for Reinstatement of Nursing License, #08-4067, Revised 10/10/17.