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Board of Nursing

IMPORTANT: Alaska Nurse Licensure Compact Survey

The Alaska State Board of Nursing (AKBON) is working with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) to conduct an updated Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) Survey. This survey is being sent to all RNs and LPNs that are actively licensed in Alaska as of mid-October 2023. Your responses will assist the AKBON in ensuring that the NLC is still desired by Alaska’s nurses, as the 2019 survey indicated.

Participation in this survey is voluntary, but highly recommended and requested. Your responses will be completely confidential and only aggregated data will be reported. The survey should take you less than 5 minutes to complete. The survey will close on Monday, November 27th.

The NLC allows RNs and LPNs to hold one multistate license with the privilege to practice in all 41 participating NLC jurisdictions, without obtaining additional licenses. If you’d like to learn more about the NLC before completing the survey, please visit and/or the AKBON’s NLC webpage available at

If you have any questions or comments about the 2023 Alaska Nurse Licensure Compact survey, contact

Take the NLC Survey


Certified Nurse Aide

How do I get information to start a nurse aide program?

Complete the Nurse Aide Training Program Application and send it in with the required fee. The application cannot be accepted by email or fax as there is a notary page. The notary page must be the original. All documents need to be sent in with the application. Upon receipt everything will be reviewed, and the program will be advised whether additional information is needed to complete the application. If the program meets the requirements of 12 AAC 44.835 – 12 AAC 44.847 and 12 AAC 44.852, the board will provisionally approve the program at the next scheduled board meeting.

Nurse Aide Training Program application and Regulations 12 AAC 44.830 – 12 AAC 44.862)

Click to view the CNA Webpage.

Licensed Practical Nurse

What is the nurse to patient ratio in a hospital or long-term care setting?

The Nurse Practice Act does not specify nurse to patient ratios or nurse staffing levels in any patient care setting. Other regulatory or certifying bodies such as Alaska Health Care Services, Licensing and Certification or The Joint Commission may address staff to patient ratios.

What is the LPN scope of practice in Alaska?

Click to view the LPN Scope of Practice.

Can an LPN work independently as a school nurse?

No, an LPN cannot work independently as a school nurse.

How would I decide if something is in my scope of practice?

Registered Nurse

Where can I find advisory opinions from the Board of Nursing? I work as a telephonic nurse. Am I required to have an Alaska nursing license?

Yes. Anytime you are providing nursing services to persons residing in Alaska, either in person, telephonic, or via telehealth, you are required to hold an active Alaska nursing license unless otherwise noted by legislation and/ or declaration of a healthcare disaster at which time an Alaska license may not be necessary. Please see COVID-19 link.

Click to view the Telehealth & Licensing During COVID-19.

Is it within the scope of practice of the RN to administer and monitor anesthetic medications? Does a graduate nurse with a temporary nursing license need supervision by another nurse?

RN and LPN applicants awaiting results of a licensure examination may practice nursing with a temporary permit and may practice only under the supervision of a licensed registered nurse who must be onsite in the area where the holder of the temporary license is working and readily available to provide supervision to or consultation with the applicant.

I am a licensed nurse and suspect a caregiver of abusing a patient. How do I file a complaint?

To initiate a complaint complete the contact form and send to Investigations Section to the address on the form. Click to view the Request for Contact Form.

What is the nurse to patient ratio in a hospital or long-term care setting?

The Nurse Practice Act does not specify nurse to patient ratios or nurse staffing levels in any patient care setting. Other regulatory or certifying bodies such as Alaska Health Care Services, Licensing and Certification or The Joint Commission may address staff to patient ratios.

Does a School Nurse have a specific scope of practice?

The DHSS Website is a resource for Alaska school nurses. The State of Alaska, School Health Nurse Consultant, contact information can also be found at this website.

The Alaska Board of Nursing has advisory opinions regarding the scope of practice for school nurses. Click to view the Scope of Practice Advisory.

What is the Alaska Board of Nursing’s definition of abandonment in the workplace?

he Alaska Board of Nursing receives numerous telephone calls from individual nurses and certified nurse aides as well as employers requesting clarification of the abandonment issue. Though the Board regulations do not define the term “abandonment,” the Board has investigated and disciplined nurses in the past for issues surrounding the concept of abandonment as it relates to the nurse’s duty to the patient. Nurses have been disciplined for failing to use sufficient knowledge, skills or nursing judgement in the practice of nursing as defined by the level of licensure under 12 AAC 44.770 Unprofessional Conduct and 12 AAC 44.870 Unprofessional Conduct.

The Alaska Board of Nursing regulation for nurses is 12 AAC 44.770(11) Unprofessional Conduct “leaving a nursing assignment without properly notifying appropriate personnel."

The Alaska Board of Nursing regulation for certified nurse aides is 12 AAC 44.870(14) Unprofessional Conduct “leaving a certified nurse aide assignment without notifying appropriate supervisory personnel."

Callers also inquire if it is considered abandonment to resign from a position and give less notice than required by a facility. While this is a standard to which most professionals adhere, the Board is concerned with patient safety and will not consider it to be abandonment as long as the nurse or certified nurse aide notified appropriate supervisory personnel and ensured the safety and welfare of the patient, resident, or client.

How would I decide if something is in my scope of practice?

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)

What is the scope of practice for an Advanced Practice Registered (APRN) in Alaska? Where do I find the regulation?

“Regulation 12 AAC 44.430 Scope of Practice. The board recognizes advanced and specialized acts of nursing practice associations recognized by the board for advanced registered nurses certified by the national certification bodies by the board.”
In Alaska an advanced practice registered nurse is a licensed independent practitioner who is licensed to practice as a nurse midwife, a clinical nurse specialist, a nurse practitioner, or a certified registered nurse anesthetist, or in more than one role. The individual must be licensed to practice in the role for which the individual has received specialized education.

Click to view the Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners.

How would I decide if something is in my scope of practice? Where do I find information on the PDMP? What is an APRN’s scope with end of life planning and care?

In 2022, language was added to Alaska statute that allows an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) to authorize a registered nurse (RN) to make a determination of death. Previously, only physicians had this authority. Subsequently, an APRN can certify the death after the RN’s determination. Additionally, APRNs have gained signature authority to write do not resuscitate (DNR) orders, and can now sign the AK POLST and expected death at home forms and death certificates.

You can view the 2022 legislative bill (HB 392) on the Alaska State Legislature’s website.

Can I apply for my RN license and APRN license at the same time?

Yes, this is preferred. See Applications and Forms for Instructions.

APRN Preceptorship Registration

How can I add an additional preceptor or site once approved?

Email your written request along with the preceptor agreement and/or site agreement attached to No additional fees are required.

How can I renew by preceptorship?

Registration may be renewed one time. Submit a new application, fee, in-progress transcripts/letter sent directly by the school to our division, and new site/preceptor agreements if not already on file. Please submit by mail to our office at least 6 weeks before your expiration date.

Who can be a preceptor?

A preceptor must be an APRN or physician that is not encumbered and practice in a comparable practice focus. They will function as a supervisor and teacher and evaluate performance in the clinical setting.

Education Programs

What is Alaska’s professional licensure requirements related to education? GRADUATE PROGRAMS - Offered by distance education
  • Graduate program must be nationally accredited including accreditation of the distance offering.
  • Must have distinct physical assessment, pathophysiology and pharmacology courses in program.
  • Preceptors with appropriate credentials.
  • Students in APRN programs must apply for a preceptorship with the Alaska Board of Nursing.


  • Enrollment in a nationally accredited nursing program that also has state approval where the program is located.
  • Current unencumbered RN license in a state or territory of the US.
  • If offering the nursing program in Alaska, approval of the Alaska Board of Nursing per AS 08.68.100, AS 08.68.190 & 200 & 12 AAC 44.010-140.
  • If the nursing program is offered in a distance format and faculty members are present in Alaska practicing nursing or consulting for more than 20 days in a renewal cycle (every 2 years) a license to practice nursing in Alaska is required for faculty.
  • If a student in a distance offering, evidence of enrollment in a nationally accredited nursing program including accreditation of the distance format that has state approval where the program is located.
  • *National Accreditation means program accreditation by either ACEN, CCNE or CNEA.