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Alaska Board of Nursing

Online License Verification with Nursys

Registered Nurse and Practical Nurse

The Alaska Board of Nursing is pleased to announce online services for verifying registered nurse and practical nurse licenses via Nursys. This online service provides immediate verifications of licensure to other state boards.

If you need a verification of your Alaska registered nurse or practical nurse license sent to another state board, go to the Nursys website and follow the instructions to send a verification.

Your verification for endorsement report is available immediately upon successful purchase on Nursys to the jurisdiction(s) you selected. You should have selected the state you will, or have already, applied to for a license. The fee is $30 per license type for each jurisdiction being endorsed into. For additional information, review the Nursys FAQ Website.

If you need to send verification of RN/LPN license to a foreign country or to VisaScreen, you will need to use this form.

Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)

Please note: online license verification with Nursys is not available for APRNs. To verify your Alaska APRN license, you will need to request a verification of license using this form.